Dark Arts of Tanaka Tatsuyuki

Tanaka Tatsuyuki has to be in my artist top-10, and has been responsible for some of the most sophisticated animations in the industry. He forged his name in the late 80’s whilst working freelance as a key animator on the arm mutation scene in the cult anime classic Akira.
Since then he has joined with a few other artist (including another favorite of mine) at Studio 4°C. He now spends his time creating illustrations, manga, and short animations and other commissioned works.
His book titled Cannabis Works is a joy to read …

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If you’ve just upgraded to Lion, you may have noticed that a few of your applications no longer work. Following suit, a few pieces of hardware may have also become redundant…
Not to worry – enter emulation!
1. Install Virtualbox
2. Install smaller OS. I used windows 2000; Using mac os tiger/leopard/snowleapard/*nix may be overkill if u only want to use of your scanner. If this is the case you may as well just use the OS directly! I installed from my old disk by following the setup to create a new os …

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Whilst working within XCode’s data modelling tool the window decided to blank out and go grey. For some reason it wouldn’t show any objects. (Grrr – Annoying!!!)
A few others seem to have had the same problem:
I’m not sure what causes it (probably my attempt to re-jig that entity split seconds before the window went nuts!) but the grids and objects re-appear when you delete certain entities from the model (not useful but happens!!).
After an hour of searching and tinkering with the buggy window and finding no solution i decided to …

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If you are doing something like the following:
NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@”MenuStructure” ofType:@”plist”];
self.menuItems = [NSArray arrayWithContentsOfFile:path];
and run into problems resulting in an empty array which upon examination using breakpoints shows ‘Invalid Array’. U should check the following:
1. That the path is correct. if u use NSLog to print the path to the console or use the contextual info from the path then you will be told were your app is located. This would work best using they simulator because you will actually be able to navigate to the files. …

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Many sources state that you cannot change the height of a UIPageControl from within xcode, however the PageControl code sample from Apple demonstrates otherwise.
In this sample the UIPageControl features an editable height component, and you may also notice that whilst looking through the identity inspector, that there are also accessibility options.
This is because they have used a View (UIView) object from the library and changed the class type to a UIPageControl (naughty! – I swear I read somewhere in the documentation not to do this!) but the icon was the …

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Just found a lil remix I made using Nano studio on the iPhone a few months ago (nearly 6) haha.  Tell me what you think – does it make you want to break stuff or make lurve?! Unless you’re a bit strange like me, it will probably be the latter!
You’ll have to wear headphones to hear it properly – the bass doesn’t carry well over laptop/monitor speakers. I’m pretty impressed with the features and production quality that I can carry around in my pocket these days.
I remember forking nearly £40 …